Welcome to Day 5 of the NU Football Quiz!


Things are really heating up!  A lot of people have brought their A-Game, and the volume of points at stake in the final 3 days means that anything is possible!  Remember to check out Episode 425, where we revealed the answers for Days 1-3 and recapped the action so far!


Current Leaderboard:

Team Division

  1. 31 pts – West Lot Warriors

  2. 22 pts – Ex-InsideNU Dream Team

  3. 17 pts – Former Wildside Presidents

  4. 15 pts – WLP Tailgate Support Crew

  5. 13 pts – WNUR Directors

Individual Division

  1. 30 pts – @RLins12

  2. 29 pts – Gene Topper

  3. 28 pts – Jay Sharman

  4. 26 pts – Jim Bendat

  5. 25 pts – Louie Vaccher, OldAHWilcdat

  6. 24 pts – JH Elder’s Ghost

  7. 23 pts – @HartlCat46

  8. 22 pts – Packers Suck,

  9. 19 pts – Lower Wacker

  10. 18 pts – Liam Kennedy, Paul Schatz

  11. 16 pts – Jacob Brown

  12. 12 pts – Garrett Pollack

  13. 11 pts – Chappy

  14. 10 pts – @johnsonbenr

  15. 5 pts – Zach Simpson


The Day 5 Questions:

15 Total Points are up for grabs today!

To see the questions from previous days, click here:

Day 1Day 2Day 3; Day 4

For a recap of the rules, check out this post.


Question #1 (4 possible points):  Name 3 Northwestern football games that were decided by 2-point conversions, and what was Northwestern’s record in those 3 games?

*EDIT:  We just want to make it clear that we are specifically referring to games where the LAST PLAY was a 2-point conversion! 

**EDIT TO THE EDIT:  OK, not necessarily the LITERAL LAST PLAY, but the game was effectively won or lost on a 2-pointer that happened right at the end of the game.


Question #2 (4 possible points):  Name the player who caught the SECOND Victory Right pass in 2001, name the player who scored the winning points in the same game, and name both players on the opposing team who returned a kick or punt for a touchdown in the same game.


Question #3 (2 possible points):  Name the player who “stripped” Anthony Thomas in the Instant Classic Game in 2000, and name the player who recovered the fumble.


Question #4 (2 points):  Identify the Player, Season, and Opponent in this photo. (We went with a little more of an abstract look on this one, but all the clues you need to answer it are there if you’re paying attention!)


Photo 5

Day 2 Clean Sweep Bonus: 3 points


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