About the West Lot Pirates

The West Lot Pirates are the premier Northwestern athletics podcast and have been podcasting weekly episodes since December of 2011. We are three die-hard NU fans who have known each other for more than 20 years, and have a passion for all things college football.  We rarely miss a home game for NU and spend our fall Saturdays tailgating in the West Lot*, underneath the red pirate flag**.

For the fun of it, we decided to pool our enthusiasm into this podcast, both to focus on NU and to delve into the greater world of college sports.  We primarily cover Northwestern Football, but have a great love for all things NU and will discuss Basketball, Lacrosse, Softball, and other sports in depth. We’re always excited to continue the discussion, so please feel free to post your comments and questions here on our website, via email (westlotpirates@gmail.com), via Twitter (@westlotpirates, @NUMBTenor21, @JohnBLacombe, @Scuzz23), Instagram (@westlotpirates) or Facebook (www.facebook.com/westlotpirates).

*We were relegated to the Central Golf Lot in 2019, which we are content to stay in for the time being on account of it being better for the little ones running around
**Pirate ships flew a red flag to indicate that they would “give no quarter” aka spare no prisoners.

  1. I like your arrival and contribution to Wildcat coverage. Please add baseball to your plans for coverage of Wildcat news.

  2. Love the lead up to the Ohio St. great hearing from Jay. Feeling hope now in the English countryside.
    Looking forward to hearing you dissect our win this weekend.

  3. Just listened to the Wisco preview. (Badger Fan) I have listened to all your B1G team previews and wish someone in WI would do these from a WI perspective. You guys do a great job.
    Got most everything right about WI. Few points/clarifications.
    DL end should not be the issue. The transfer from Oregon, Townsend, is not in the 2 deep. They took him for depth. Badgers have two 3rd year players, Rodas Johnson (286) and Isiah Mullens (290) who they believe are ready and are in 2 deep. Matt Henningson (291) who was probably better than G. Rand a year ago and has played and started games is back from injury. I don’t see DE position as problematic. Back up behind Benton at NG could be an issue if he goes down.
    OLB is another issue. The position is not resolved. Herbig was a true frosh last year and often a step away from making plays on theQB. He has put on weight and is expected to be more disruptive. The other side, Noah Burks is a steady run stopper and contain guy but has never been a disruptive force. The 3-4 is at it’s maximum when each OLB can pressure. They do have a number of young 4 star players who are looking like they can pressure the QB in practice. Burks probably comes off the field on third and long downs. But we’ll see. More concerned with this OLB position.
    John hardly mentioned Leo Chenal at MLB who is a Paddy Fisher look alike and will hurt some people this year. Sanborn is a smart and tough player. Chenal has more potential. Back up past the #3 in the middle are TBD.
    They have a number of candidates to win the one safety job and it will be tough to bet the production they got out of the departed starter.
    Right guys. A lot more is unsettled over here. They have been juggling combos at OL in practice and a few starters are out with minor injuries but not season ending injuries. Former 5* recruit Jack Nelson has won a starting job at guard. So they moved Bruss to tackle where he started in 19. Right tackle has moved to left side. They like their first 8 or 9 OL. Much more depth this year. Last year was below par. Logan Brown 5* is just in 2 deep but coming on.
    RB is Berger then the transfer from Clemson, Mellusi. They will be better but no J. Taylor here. Better depth and these guys are pass catchers.
    QB: most commentators do not know Mertz was hurt in the Michigan game after having covid for 2 weeks. Throwing arm. This was not revealed until the first spring practice. Has the arm to be the most productive for UW in a long time. Last year protection and WR play/health was a contributing issue. Also Davis and Pryor were hurt and did not play post Michigan game. So they were left with Jack Dunn (5’7″) and a true Frosh-Dike. Dike may be better than the first 2
    so overall they are better. But yes hard time recruiting this position. True Frosh Marcs Ware is a 4 star who decommited from Mich. They will be much better but guys need to stay healthy. Offense will be much improved but they still have to prove it on the field and stay healthy. Scuz is right when he says the O was too predicable. Chryst has taken back the play calling job from the OL coach. I think the O will be better but they need to keep improving.
    Place kicking is maybe the most unresolved position on the team. Looking for an answer.
    Can NW win in Madison? Sure, as Scuz predicts if it’s very low scoring and Badger’s commit turnovers. I like the Badgers chances at home with a good defense. Less questions than most teams in the West.
    Will see where we are in November when the CATS visit. Great job, many thanks.

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