Welcome to Day 3 of the NU Football Quiz!


We’re off to a fun start!  On Wednesday’s Pod we will reveal the answers for Days 1-3 and recap the action so far.  Stay tuned!


The Current Leaderboard:

Team Division

  1. 15 pts – West Lot Warriors
  2. 11 pts – Ex-InsideNU Dream Team
  3. 8 pts – Former Wildside Presidents
  4. 7 pts – WNUR Directors
  5. 6 pts – WLP Tailgate Support Crew

Individual Division

  1. 14 pts – @RLins12
  2. 13 pts – Gene Topper
  3. 12 pts – (TIE)Jim Bendat, Jay Sharman, @HartlCat46
  4. 11 pts – (TIE) Louie Vaccher, Lower Wacker, Packers Suck, JH Elder’s Ghost
  5. 10 pts – Jacob Brown
  6. 9 pts – Liam Kennedy
  7. 8 pts – Chappy
  8. 7 pts – OldAHWildcat
  9. 6 pts – Garrett Pollack
  10. 4 pts – (TIE) Paul Schatz, Zach Simpson, @johnsonbenr


The Day 3 Questions:

10 Total Points are up for grabs today!

To see the questions from previous days, click here:  Day 1; Day 2

For a recap of the rules, check out this post.


Question #1 (3 possible points):  The next two days feature a pair of truly “deep cut” trivia questions.  Here’s the first:

What football position did Ian Park’s brother Alex play, and for what 2 colleges did he play it?  (HINT:  One of these schools is perennially ranked with or around Northwestern in the US News Rankings)


Question #2 (2 possible points):  Accurately describe the signature post-sack dances/moves of two current or former NFL Defensive Linemen who played their college ball at NU.


Question #3 (2 possible points):  In 2005, Northwestern ran for one touchdown and threw for another in the final 2:10 to shock Iowa.  Who ran for the first TD, and who caught the second TD?


Question #4 (1 point):  Identify the Player, Season, and Opponent in this photo.

Photo 3


Day 2 Clean Sweep Bonus: 2 points


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