West Lot Pirates NU Football Trivia

Hey guys and gals!

In Episode 424, we teased the 7-day NU Football Quiz that is launching Sunday. This is purely something we’re doing for fun and to give everyone something to enjoy during the Big Q.

Here’s how it’s going to work:

1.Beginning Sunday, we will post 4 questions at 10am each day right here on the site.  3 of these questions will be “partial-credit” format; in other words, it may be very hard to completely answer them, but it will be easier to partially answer them, and you receive credit for any part you answer correctly. The 4th question will be a photo-identification question. There will be an additional bonus for answering every part of every question correctly, but, again, it may be very hard to do this!

2.You will have until midnight to submit your answers to each day’s question. You can submit answers either by DMing us at @westlotpirates or by emailing us at westlotpirates@gmail.com. Make sure to provide an individual name/alias or a team name.

3.DON’T CHEAT! Come on, this is for fun. Don’t look up the answers to these questions until after you have submitted. It is totally fine to assemble a team of several people and crowd-source the answers; just try to pick a team name that makes it clear that several people are working together.

4.We will put up a leaderboard to track the results. No prizes, just bragging rights and fun!

So start putting squads together and thinking up pithy team names, and we’ll see you on Sunday!

Thanks as always,

Sam, John, and Scuzz/The West Lot Pirates


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