Welcome to Day 1 of the NU Football Quiz!

10 Total Points are up for grabs today!  For a recap on the rules, check out this post.


Question #1 (3 possible points):  In the 2010 Wrigley Field Game, a single touchdown was scored in the East end zone.  In what quarter was this touchdown scored, who threw the pass, and who caught that pass?


Question #2 (2 possible points):  Name 2 players who wore #1 at Northwestern BEFORE the number was established as a player reward.


Question #3 (2 possible points):  Name 2 sports media personalities who were either (A) Willie the Wildcat or (B) A Northwestern Cheerleader.


Question #4 (1 point):  Identify the Player, Season, and Opponent in this photo.

Photo 1

Day #1 Clean Sweep Bonus: 2 points


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