Episode 489: Softball Sweep!

If you’re not watching this NU Softball team absolutely dominate all comers this season, now is the time to fix that. The Cats finished off their early season barnstorming tour with a decisive sweep of the weekend series at Mizzou, knocking off the 18th ranked Tigers and no-hitting a very talented Stanford squad. This week we also celebrate Ryan Deakin’s National Championship in wrestling, continue to marvel at the Lacrosse domination and check in on our NCAA Men’s and Women’s brackets before previewing the NCAA Hockey tourney. We are your premier Northwestern Sports Podcast! You can download the episode from Apple Podcasts, on Spotify or directly from here.

We are again running both Men’s and Women’s Bracket Challenges through ESPN. Jump in and join the madness by using the password “Burton”.

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Thanks so much for listening and Go Cats!


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