Episode 331 Northwestern 42-Illinois 7

The regular season is over and the Cats are 9-3. What a way to finish the year; a 7 game win streak, a chance for a 10 win season, and, oh yeah, the LOLHat stays in Evanston where it belongs. This week we break down the game, look ahead to Championship Week, and try to wrap our heads around the absolute craziness that is the 2017 Coaching Carousel. We are your premier Northwestern Sports Podcast! You can download the episode from iTunes or directly from here.

Our picks are in for our 2017 picks contest.

Erik only went 2/5 this week and maintains his lead with 46 points: South Florida (9) USC (10) Auburn (10) NC State (8) and Notre Dame (9)

Sam had a great 4/5 week, but it seems to be a case of too little, too late.  He’s got 40 points: Ohio State (10) Florida State (5) Oklahoma State (9) Oregon (7) and Notre Dame (9)

John also went 2/5 this week as he keeps pace with Erik with 42 points.: Alabama (11) Boise St (9) Northwestern (9) Texas (6) and Florida Atlantic (9)

All three of us have 2 teams alive this weekend so we’ll see how it all breaks next week.

Email us your selections at westlotpirates@gmail.com

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Thanks so much for listening and Go Cats!


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