Episode 44: Penn State 34-Northwestern 24

It’s a broken record as the West Lot Pirates recap yet another loss, this time to Penn State, look ahead to what we hope is a winnable game against Indiana, review the one-off uniforms and go over our picks from last week.  You can download the episode directly from here

It was a tough week for our picks as well.  Scuzz went 0-2, and both Sam and John went 1-1.  The pick of death by Jonathan Hodges from Hailtopurple.com was in full effect again.  Each of us are making 2 picks in games around the country and we encourage all of our listeners and readers to make selections as well.  Call our Voicemail line or send us an email making your pick and backing it up and we’ll highlight the best selections in our next show.

Check back on Friday for our Picks Pod and the return of the Scuzz Model updates.

Check out all our contact info on the sidebar of the blog page.  Call us, tweet us, leave a comment on the blog.  Join the conversation!


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