Episode 43.5: Week 8 Picks

In this episode, the West Lot Pirates make their picks for week 8.  You can download the episode directly from here

Each of us are making 2 picks in games around the country and we encourage all of our listeners and readers to make selections as well.  Call our Voicemail line at 847-231-2287 or send us an email making your pick and backing it up and we’ll highlight the best selections in our next show.

The current standings are as follows:

Scuzz 10-4

Sam 9-5

John 6-8

Hodges (Pick of Death) 3-4

This week, John is taking Auburn +23.5 vs. LSU and Nebraska -25.5 over Minnesota.

Erik is taking Georgia Tech +3 against Miami and Southern Methodist +3 over So. Mississippi.  The Scuzz Model is taking Utah +2 over Cal

Sam is taking Wisconsin -9 over Michigan St. and USC +9 over Notre Dame .

Jonathan Hodges from HailtoPurple.com is taking Washington +20 over Stanford .

Check out all our contact info on the sidebar of the blog page.  Call us, tweet us, leave a comment on the blog.  Join the conversation!


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