Episode 452: Bracketology with Scott Sepich

After last year’s hiatus, it’s great to have the NCAA Tournaments back in our lives. We would be remiss if we didn’t bring back our resident bracketologist Scott Sepich to come talk about this years Men’s and Women’s tournaments. The NU Women picked up a 7 seed and will face UCF in round 1 with a potential matchup against Louisville in round 2. We talk all this and more with Scott tonight. We are your premier Northwestern Sports Podcast! You can download the episode from iTunes or directly from here.

Join our ESPN Bracket Challenges! We have a lot of fun with them and as ESPN has finally brought out a Women’s bracket, we are playing both. The Men’s Bracket Challenge uses the password ‘pirates’ and the Women’s Bracket Challenge uses the password ‘blizzard’ after our swarming defense.

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Thanks so much for listening and Go Cats!


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