Episode 430: Summer Preview Primer

We’re back after a brief hiatus and our summer previews are ready to go. We will get into each team on Northwestern’s schedule and touch on at the Big Ten teams Northwestern won’t play this year. Before we do that, we have to catch up on some news and notes. We are your premier Northwestern Sports Podcast! You can download the episode from iTunes or directly from here.

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Thanks so much for listening and Go Cats!


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  1. West Lot Parker

    Idea for pod. In the spirit of Bill Simmons, how about a mailbag that covers NU questions from listeners.

    I’ll start: On NU QB situation: Like many, you guys still seem to be bullish on HuJo. Is there a specific reason (other than the stars?). My concern with him is going back to high school, his teams weren’t always successful despite his talent. While he throws a nice ball against air and inferior competition, he doesn’t seem to have the “it” factor when he doesn’t have great talent around him.

    Obviously, McCall shares a fair amount of blame here for not getting him ready after a redshirt year, but its not like he didn’t coach a bunch of successful QBs at NU (Thomson, Kafka, Simien, etc). I think a school like NU places a premium on “gamers” at the QB position. I didn’t see “it” from anyone at the QB position last year (aside from Marty in a couple of games), so I’m personally quite excited for Peyton Ramsey. Even TJ has shown actual competence against decent competition in spots. In brief, what specifically is behind your bullishness on Hunter—what am I missing?

    Follow up: What is your view of the QB room in 2020? Can we expect more transfers?

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