Thanks again to everyone for making this past week’s quiz so much fun!


Below is the Final Leaderboard.  We want to emphasize that breaking 70 on this quiz was extremely hard, and anyone who did so is basically an NU Football Trivia Legend!


Also:  It became clear that this quiz definitely favored older alums!  For our younger contestants, hitting the 40-point mark is definitely a badge of honor.


We will be going over the Days 4-7 questions on this week’s pod, which will be up in the next day or two.  (For the few people who haven’t yet given us all of their answers, drop us a line any time and we will update this post.)  Until then, thanks again to everyone who participated!  This was a lot of fun for us, and we hope it provided a fun diversion for all of you!


Sam, John, and Scuzz/The West Lot Pirates


Final Leaderboard:


Team Division

  1. 85 pts – West Lot Warriors

  2. 65 pts – Ex-InsideNU Dream Team

  3. 55 pts – WLP Tailgate Support Crew

  4. 53 pts – Former Wildside Presidents

  5. 17 pts – WNUR Directors

Individual Division

  1. 89 pts – Gene Topper

  2. 77 pts – Jim Bendat

  3. 76 points Jay Sharman

  4. 75 pts – @RLins12, @HartlCat46

  5. 74 pts – OldAHWildcat,

  6. 71 pts – Louie Vaccher

  7. 63 pts – JH Elder’s Ghost

  8. 61 pts – Packers Suck,

  9. 52 pts – Jacob Brown, Liam Kennedy

  10. 51 pts – Rob Shiffer

  11. 48 pts – Chappy

  12. 40 pts – Lower Wacker, Garrett Pollack

  13. 35 pts – Paul Schatz

  14. 22 pts – @johnsonbenr

  15. 5 pts – Zach Simpson


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