Episode 126: Philip Rossman-Reich

The West Lot Pirates welcome in Philip Rossman-Reich from Lake The Posts to talk about the shifting expectations of Northwestern Football. We are your premier Northwestern Sports Podcast! You can download the episode from iTunes or directly from here.

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Go Cats!


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  1. Hey Guys,

    I wanted to comment on your topic of increased expectation for the program. While I agree that increased expectations are a good thing, and that we don’t want to go back to the dark days when not only were we terrible, we expected to be terrible and it didn’t bother anyone, I also don’t want to end up like Ohio State.

    Having lived in the Buckeye State for the past 7 years, I can tell you I never want to be like the OSU fans I know, even though their program has had much more success than ours. They are to the point where they don’t even enjoy most of their wins. Michigan yes, a bowl maybe, a national championship or a win against a top 10 team yeah, but mostly they just go from relief over wins to crushing disappointment over losses.

    As far as we have come, I want Northwestern to try and remain grateful for every win (1A at least), every bowl appearance, and every year we continue to do it the right way and embarass the rest of college football in the academic rankings. Seven or Eight triumphs a year is way better than 10 feelings of relief, 1 great victory and 1 or 2 world ending losses.


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