Episode 23: OSU=Smoking Crater

In this episode, The West Lot Pirates celebrate the NU Women’s Lacrosse National Title and examine the demise of Jim Tressel at OSU.  You can download the episode directly from here

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The music is from Buddha’s Belly and is used with their permission.  Please check them out on  iTunes or on Amazon


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  1. Nice podcast guys. I actually flew over Columbus yesterday and I can report that it is not currently a smoking crater visible from space, however working in OH with many many OSU fans, I can confirm that their emotional states are quite volcanic, vacillating from depression to eruptive anger and irrationality.

    Also, SB Nation has an interesting post regarding how Northwestern fares in some of the newer adversarial statistics. Not that I am ready to consider myself an expert in F/+, S&P+ and Adjusted scores and wins, but personally I come to some different conclusions than they do. Any chance you have room for a guest spot on an upcoming podcast? Later


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