Episode 5: Recruiting and NU Hoops

The West Lot Pirates talk about the coaching carousel at Michigan, NU Recruiting and the NU Basketball teams games against Michigan and Michigan St.  You can download the episode directly from here.

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  1. Hey Sammy, love the podcast. Hey there are some other issues behind the scenes with the whole Les Miles and Michigan thing. Unsubstantiated by widely held rumors among Michiganders about Miles sleeping with someone he shouldn’t on the staff and so now he’s apparently blackballed. Hey, I’d love to call in sometime if the podcast can take callers. Anyways, keep up the good work.


    • Hey Marvin – love the backpage-gossip angle. Definitely seemed like the Michigan-Miles conversation was murky… most media reported that Miles turned down an offer, but there was some chatter that no offer was in-fact extended. Perhaps it was all for show to keep the fanbase calm (though definitely seemed like UM wanted him three years ago and the pre-BCS-bowl-news-leak killed it).

      Glad you’re liking the pod – thanks for the comment!

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